Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NedreGPT?

NedreGPT is an online advertising platform which serves as both PTC (Paid to Click) and GPT (Get Paid to Task). It is a site that has been serving since 18.01.2022. The site offers its users the opportunity to earn free money in various ways. Powered by FCD (FreeCoreDaoCom) Token

2. Is it free to join?

YES. Free members can earn money by viewing PTC ads, completing tasks. You can make a withdrawal request without any deposits or having referrals.

3. Is it a worldwide operation?

YES. We are a worldwide program. 

4. Can I have multiple accounts?

NO. Members can not set up multiple accounts or refer themselves. Only one account allowed per IP address.
Using Proxy/VPN is strictly prohibited, your account will be suspended.

Using an autoclick bot is strictly prohibited, your account will be suspended.

5. What are advertising options?

The site is also an advertiser platform. You can reach hundreds of people with your site or referenced links you want to promote in various ways.

Paid to Click Ads - Click ads that appear in the view advertisement section of the users. Each user (ip) on our site has the right to click only once in 24 hours. In addition, the user must actively keep the window open for the specified period of time, and at the end of the time, they must confirm that they are not robots with a picture captcha. In this way, it is tried to prevent bot clicks at the highest level possible and to reach the organic audience.

Micro ads - Credit fee is 1 for 1 click. Your ads are displayed for 5 seconds.

Macro Ads - Credit fee is 3 for 1 click. Your ads are displayed for 15 seconds.

Extended Ads - Credit fee is 9 for 1 click. Your ads are displayed for 30 seconds.

Purchase Options 1000 credits $0.8 , 10000 credits $8

Video Ads - Credit fee is 1 for 1 watch. Your ads are displayed for 30 seconds. Credit fee is 2 for 1 watch. Your ads are displayed for 60 seconds.

Purchase Options 100 credits $0.8 , 1000 credits $8

Text Ads - Purchase Options 100000 credits $1

Link Ads - Purchase Options 1 Month credits $2

Login Ads - Purchase Options 1 days credits $0.5 , 10 days credits $5

Micro Task Offers - Contact admin please

AdClick  - Purchase Options $10 for 30 Days (5 seconds)

6. How much is the referral commission?

[You have to click at least 6 ads by day to receive these commissions]


Purchase Commission %0


Offerwalls commission %2


Purchase Commission %5


Offerwalls commission %5

7. Payments


Payeer - Minimum Deposit Amount $1

FaucetPay - Minimum Deposit Amount $1


FCD - Minimum Withdrawal Amount $1 (%2 Fee)

Payeer - Minimum Withdrawal Amount $0.5 (%5 Fee)

Faucetpay - Minimum Withdrawal Amount $0.5 (%5 Fee)

Litecoin - Minimum Withdrawal Amount $5 (%5 + $0,05 Fee)

Dogecoin - Minimum Withdrawal Amount $5 (%5 + $0,1 Fee)

Tron - Minimum Withdrawal Amount $5 (%5 + $0,05 Fee)

All payments will be processed within 24 hours


Some offerwall (Adgatemedia, cpxresearch, Wannads) earnings may paid 30 days after the task is done. It s not our procedure, it s about the companies.

8. Revenue Shares
You need to view 1 advertisement to earn from revenue shares tomorrow.

Tired of lose money on inactive referrals or just you forgot to make clicks on PTC Ads and can not get earnings? This is the best choice for you!

Be part of this special group and start making money daily.

You will receive your Company Share earnings daily and that is not everything, you will receive an special advertisement pack for each share purchased.

  • 1000 PTC Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
  • Receive $0.11 for 365 days
You can get all just for purchasing 1 share = $20
Max Shares per user 50
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