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Started by Dream Nov 06th, 2023 at 08:13
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Nov 06th, 2023 at 08:13

Our Sister Site is live. You can earn free #coredao Coin on the site.

Ways to earn $core coins on the site:

1-Big faucet: once per hour

2-Mini faucet:  once every half hour.

3-Offer Walls and Surveys: Logic of a classic GPT site

4-Dice game: You earn bonus tickets for every task worth $0.10 or more you complete in the Offer Walls and Surveys section. If the sum of your dice equals the lucky numbers, you win $0.10.

5-Achievement rewards: You collect rewards when you complete the specified tasks.

6-Reference Program: The reference rate is 10%, but +1% is added for each level.

7-FCD Token Market: You can get rewards in the market with the #FCD Tokens you earn free.

8-Partnership Program: +10% reference rate is added within the scope of the Partnership Program. The minimum required number of references must be 50 people (reached the 2nd level) and have an account with active users/followers on Social Media platforms (Telegram, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.).

9-Exp/Level Upgrades: All transactions on the site will earn you Exp percentage and you can reach Level 10 at most. With each level increase: +1% increase in Referral Rates - +2% increase in Pool Click Earnings - +1% increase in Application and Survey tasks.

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