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Is financial Freedom possible with FCD Token?

Started by Dream Jul 07th, 2024 at 12:00
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Jul 07th, 2024 at 12:00

Financial freedom is something every individual dreams of. Everyone makes countless attempts to achieve this, and unfortunately, most of them end in disappointment. We are paving the way to make this possible with FCD Token.

FCD Token

FCD (FreeCoreDaoCom) is a crypto project based on providing free income as its name suggests. Corechain network was chosen due to low transaction fees and high security and our token was created on this network.

There are currently 2 site projects linked to the FCD token. and Both sites use licensed evolution script and work with the same logic. The only difference is that one earns USDT while the other one earns FCD.

There is an ecosystem based on the purchase and burning of FCD Tokens from the market with the revenues generated on these sites, which are completely free and simple micro task sites. While similar task sites have already existed for years, this is what sets us apart.

Such sites make money through advertising revenues. Considering the income earned and the effort expended due to the low income, the figures earned cannot go beyond pocket money.

With FCD, the income generated by the Project is brought back into the system. Thus, the income obtained does not remain constant and the value continues to increase as the FCD price increases. Let's try to explain with a few examples.

A person who earns $5 monthly income from task site A has no chance of going beyond this figure. At the end of the year you will have an income of $60.

For someone who withdraws the $5 he earns from sites in the FCD ecosystem as FCD, this income is not constant. Let's say he earned 10000 FCD for $5. In this case, the FCD price at that moment should be $0.0005. At the end of one year, the total amount is 120 000 FCD.

As a result of the revenues obtained through FCD and the burning of FCD from the market, the FCD price increase is inevitable. At the end of the year

If the FCD price is 0.001$, a profit of 120 000 FCD*0.001$ = 120$ is obtained
If the FCD price is 0.01$, a profit of 120 000 FCD*0.01$= 1 200$ is obtained
If the FCD Price is 0.1$, a profit of 120 000 FCD*0.1$= 12 000$ is obtained
If the FCD Price is 1$, a profit of 120 000 FCD*1$ = 120 000$ is obtained

As a result, the FCD tokens you earn for free do not remain stable and continue to gain value.

So, is such a rise possible for the FCD token?

To do this, let's start by examining the number of members and earnings of similar task sites in the market.

According to the statement of Freecash, the leading site in the industry, the average amount earned by users in 1 month is 2 000 000$. Considering that 50% of this figure is distributed to users and 20% is operational expenses, events, advertising and similar expenses, the site will receive 600 000$. We can think that there is some snow left. An annual income of $7 200 000 is obtained.

In terms of FCD market value, this figure is enough for the price to be $1. (Include in your calculation that the amount taken is burned and the supply decreases)
Of course, freecash did not reach this level in its first year. We took the figures reached after 4 years as basis. But we just wanted to prove that it was a calculation that was possible, not mathematically impossible.

We created a project with this goal. We have a project that involves ZERO RISK for the user, considering that there is no need for an investment to win and even if the price does not reach the target price, it will be more valuable than the current price.

We will be glad to see you among us.

FCD Token information

CA: 0x2898ad472234c27163b99191d8d77bfc8bb7356d
Network: Coredao
Price Tracking: DEXTOOLS

Our sites related to the project



Standart Member
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Jul 08th, 2024 at 18:58

Good news , thanks Admin Dream

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