Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


- You can request payment when your account balance is at least $1. Your payment will be processed and issued within 24 hours. Currently we only use Payeer, Papara, FaucetPay.

- If you have requested your payment but are not eligible to receive money or if you have added an incorrect address, you will not be able to request a refund. We are not responsible for your mistakes.

- The right to hold or cancel your payment in case of suspicious transactions is always reserved.

Fraudulent Earnings

- With our robust anti-cheat system, cheating is extremely difficult. If someone is caught cheating or simply attempting to cheat, we have the right to forfeit all winnings and possibly even ban the user from our network. Cheating involves any of the following:

- Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.

- Build any kind of emulator, VPN, or program to automate click processes.

- Any malicious action that may interfere with our system in any way.

- Cheating by giving false information in the sign up offer section.

- Access to more than one account over the same ip connection, knowingly or unknowingly.

Legal Issues

We are not an MLM or any other kind of scheme! We do not want you to pay any fees to join and participate in our site. We don't want you to have a website or sell any products to use our service. We do not want you to direct anyone to our site to use our service. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will not get rich using our program. We are an internet advertising program where you only get paid for the work you do. We do not force you to use this site. By registering, you accept the terms of this agreement and take responsibility for all damages that may arise from this site.

We always reserve the right to terminate any of our services without informing users.



- All members from any Country are invited to participate.

  • If you do not log in for more than 90 days, your account will be marked as inactive and suspended for inactivity. You can't request reactivation.
  • Revenue Shares packages are not just promises. The user purchasing a package should be aware that any terms will change. Packages may be terminated without notice. You acknowledge that you have no rights other than your principal.

Advertiser Terms


-- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminatory, vulgar, illegal or adult material of any kind.

-- The website must not contain any frame separators.

-- The website must not contain or promote any viruses.

-- The website should contain NO prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation prompts.

-- The website must not exceed the limit of 1 pop-up/popunder.

-- The website's only popup/popup should not open any new windows.

-- The website's single popup/pop-under must not violate any of the above terms.



We do not believe in spam and we are very strict about the processing of your information. The only emails you will receive are periodic emails containing updates, site-specific information, and information about site-related issues.



We do not tolerate anyone using false information for reference.

Multiple Accounts


You are not allowed to create more than 1 account per household or IP address.

Proxy Usage


We do not allow the use of Proxy to display advertisements on our site and the use of proxy/VPN will result in termination of your account.

Refund Policy


No refund is possible

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is about how we store and deal with your user information.

You may only use this site if you accept this Privacy Policy.

By registering with Nedregpt, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you should not register.


1.1. Your browser must accept cookies.

1.2. You allow us to use cookies to store any session, unique identifiers, preferences or other data that helps us, among others, identify you as a visitor or logged in member and provide you with the best browsing experience on our site.


2.1. Your email addresses will not be displayed, given away or sold.

2.2. Your personal e-mail address will only be used by NedreGPT to contact you and send you a new password upon request.

2.3. Your payment processor email addresses will only be used to send you the payments you request and to confirm your purchase.

2.4. Your user password will be stored irreversibly.

2.5. Your user password will never be shown, sold or given away.

2.6. Your account activity will be closely monitored and recorded for quality and security purposes to better support you and act as an extra assurance against any misuse. The activities/data of your account will under no circumstances be freely shared with third parties and used in any other way or for any other purpose.

2.7. Conversations between you and our support are private. You are not allowed to view them publicly.


3.1. If you sign up without a referrer, your username is kept private from other users by default.

3.2. If you sign up under a referrer, your username will be shown to other users by default.

3.3. Regardless of the default setting, you can override the display state at any time.

3.4. Regardless of the setting you make, your username will always be displayed in the Forum.


This agreement can change. Although we have the right to change this agreement without any prior notice to our members, we will send out a notice to all of our members about the new terms and / or terms that have changed. If for any reason you do not accept the changes, you will need to contact us and your account will be removed.

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